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~~~~THE VOICE concert tour begins! Lille, 30 May 2013~~~~

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Yoann Fréget


****The Voice!****


~18 May 2013~

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interview 19 May 2013

AmorAmor interview 19 May 2013

national TV news interview 19 May 2013

le Petit Journal interview 20 May 2013

Morandini interview 21 May 2013

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radio interview 23 May 2013

Dee Lay TV show interview in April



The Gala Journal

(reporting simultaneously on May 24 about Yoann - The Voice,  and the stars of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival)

Gala: "In which state of mind were you through out this adventure?"

Yoann Fréget: "I was peaceful from beginning to end. I tried to stay in tune with myself and what I feel deeply — at the risk of offending people, maybe. But I didn't want to find myself doing things to get seduced and loose myself in it. I really tried not to fall into this trap. Suddenly, I felt I flourished throughout. I could not even imagine to feel it as well as I did."

Gala: "What was the most difficult thing to do?"

Y. F. : "To stay detached from some critical people who seemed unfair, who didn't correspond to what I feel. Listening to what is happening around and remaining attentive to one’s inner voice is not always easy to do."

Gala: "How did you register for The Voice?"

Y. F. : "It was Bruno Berbers (in charge of casting) who contacted me for the previous season. I agreed then. But before the 'blind auditions' I didn't feel ready."

Gala: "Why?"

Y. F. : "I usually follow my intuition, and I felt that it was not the right moment. In addition to this, there was one thing that was frightening me, and I made it quite clear with with the production this year: I wouldn't do songs that didn't suit me, that didn't not fit to me. This year I was ready, under the condition that I could sing titles that were dear to me and that had an ethical message of love, of joy."

Gala: "Do you believe in God?"

Y. F. : "Yes, but I don't belong to a particular denomination. For me, God is first and foremost an energy that is felt and the music is the way to go and share this energy."

Gala: "Was your childhood dream to become a singer?"

Y. F. : "No, I wanted to be an inventor, to invent things that would make life easier for people, a kind of 'MacGyver' somehow! But I've always sung. My father is a songwriter and performer, he makes pop-rock and is very talented, and gave me the sense of melody. He trained my ear and my current tastes. At thirteen years old, it clicked. A friend of mine had heard my voice. I was so shy, partly because of my stuttering, that I used to put sheets under the door of my room, for my parents not to hear me singing. She told me I could be doing a TV show for young people. From then, I decided to be a singer. Although, during my college days, a lot of things got in my way. But I believed in me. And it worked."

Gala: "At what age did you start to stutter?"

Y. F. : "At three years old. At first, when my parents separated, who came together again and finally split up when I was fifteen. This created a great fear, a trauma in me. My father also stuttered. Music helped me a lot. Having artistic parents (my mother is a professional photographer, she is also my photographer) was a great opportunity, because we share a lot of things and they have always supported me in whatever I did."

Gala: "Did your stuttering isolate you from others?"

Y. F. : "Only partly, because, as I think I was someone inherently gentle, I've always had a group of friends. But I also had to deal with a lot of teasing at school each year. Especially when we lived in the city of Sevran, Seine-Saint-Denis, a suburb, which is not easy. I talked a lot with my parents and they listened to me carefully. The lesson that I learned from this experience is the need to be detached from the judgement of others. It helped me a lot. Especially for the adventure of The Voice. Then, around fifteen years, we moved to the South of France. There I discovered the nature and felt in connection with it; it has given me a sense of inner space, of peace."

Gala: "Retrospectively, do you think your disability was ultimately a force?"

Y. F. : "Not exactly. Disability is not a force in itself, it is what you do with it actually: the wisdom that you develop — or not — because of it. Music helped me to transcend that. This is the message I want to bring to stutterers that are more than 600,000 in France. I would be happy, not to be as a hero, but to be a humble example, to show that one can stutter and be a public figure."

Gala: "Just for that, you are twice the winner of The Voice!"

Y. F. : "To win a program called The Voice, 'voice', when one stutters, is a beautiful symbol! And if I can be the voice of people who are victims of this disability —"

Gala: "Do you belong to an association?"

Y. F. : "I am the sponsor of the association, 'Parole-bégaiement' (word stuttering) and I'm really proud of it. However, I would say that stuttering is not a brand for me. On the contrary, I've never played with it for a career. I was already singing before 'The Voice'. I am first and foremost a musician."

Gala: "Specialized in gospel —"

Y. F. : "I discovered it because of Emmanuel Djob. If I'm here today, it is partly thanks to him. He introduced me to African music and African-American music. He gave me my first solo gospel at the age of fifteen years old. Emmanuel was an older brother for me before 'The Voice'. He will always be."

Gala: "Do you live on your music?"

Y. F. : "Yes. Since the age of nineteen years, even though I ate a lot of sweet potatoes — not so sweet sometimes! At the same time, I studied 'music and therapy' at university. But at twenty-one years old, I decided to be a singer. And since then, only good things are happening to me. I believe in my lucky star (destiny)."

Gala: "What did you expect from 'The Voice'?"

Y.F. : "I first did it for the adventure in itself. Because touching the hearts of ten people, or singing for the birds and the squirrels, that I also love to do, and singing for millions of people, there is a difference. To see if I could give the peace that I feel inside when I sing, and that I feel in life , to so many people, that was my first motivation. The second motivation concerns the possibility of my album. I hope it will give me a wider public that will possibly accept my first album."

Gala: "You are a happy man. Are you in love with someone?"

Y.F. : "No. I've been waiting for the right person to come, for several years, and I devote myself to my music. Because I know that through music I can bring happiness to people. As for the woman of my life, I will meet her, I am sure, I have all my time. I do not recognize myself in the desire to be with someone at all costs. It hurts you and the other one, and that leads nowhere. It is not compulsory to experience things in this way. For me, love is something pure, universal. I do not believe in romanticism, 'violins' and all that. I am looking for something deeper than just an adrenaline rush."


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THE VOICE concert tour begins! Lille, 30 May 2013


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